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IMS (Intramuscular Stimulation)

At Lifepath Dental & Wellness, we use intramuscular stimulation (IMS) to reduce muscle tightness, which causes chronic, recurring pain. IMS is a technique used to search for tight muscle bands or trigger points. Once these β€œpoints” are found, a sterile acupuncture needle is then inserted into the muscle, which causes a β€œtwitch.” This results in the release of tension and reduced effects of tight muscles that can be affecting your joints, discs, nerves, and tendons.

What Causes Tight, Sore Muscles?

The developer of IMS, Dr. Gunn, concluded that our muscles become shortened when our nerves do not supply that muscle with enough electrical impulses. This shortened muscle then puts compression on the surrounding nerve(s), creating a vicious cycle that keeps the muscle tight and the nerve in a super sensitive condition.

What Happens to Chronically Tight Muscles?

If your muscles are chronically tight, then they are likely limited in joint mobility. This limited mobility can promote degenerative conditions, such as arthritis or disc disease. Chronically tight muscles continually pull on your tendons, which, over time, can result in conditions such as sciatica and carpal tunnel syndrome.

How Does Intramuscular Stimulation Help?

When the IMS needle is inserted into a tight muscle band or a trigger point, this essentially jump starts the muscle. Typically, there is a reflex reaction where the muscle twitches. It may feel unusual, but this is normally accompanied by a feeling of release. This means that the muscle has now relaxed, and often, patients feel immediate pain relief. The good news is that ongoing IMS treatments can have a cumulative positive benefit!

By combining your intramuscular stimulation treatment with other services at Lifepath Dental & Wellness, we can offer a one-stop trip to help treat your injuries and get you moving again!

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