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Calgary Physiotherapy

Calgary Physiotherapy Calgary physiotherapy specialists from Chestermere Lifepath Physiotherapy treat a wide range of conditions that include knew pain, shoulder pain, rheumatoid arthritis, neck & back pain, difficulty walking or running, plantar fasciitis, sprains and strains, and more. Visit our website for additional information or schedule a new patient appointment by phone at 403-235-6208.

Guest post authors include:

North Calgary massage therapy

Northern Hills Chiropractic
36 Panatella Blvd NW
Calgary AB T3K 6K7 CA
(403) 567-0400
North Calgary massage therapy experts from Northern Hills Chiropractic can provide the precise type of massage your looking for, whether you prefer deep tissue massage, therapeutic massage, or something altogether different. We highly recommend massage for treatment of myofascial pain, soft tissue injury, strains, sports related injury, and as treatment for many other issues. Northern Hills Chiropractic

Neck Pain Treatment
Neck & Back Medical Center
Neck pain can keep you from enjoying life to its fullest. If you’re searching for solutions to your neck pain, we’d like to direct you to our website where you’ll find affordable neck pain treatment options and an opportunity to receive an introductory, free consultation with one of our specialists. All it takes is a phone call to 949-859-6600.

Anil Kesani MD
Fort Worth back pain patients look to Anil Kesani MD for alternative treatments that can relieve back pain without surgery. We have numerous options available to both neck and back pain patients, without the need to risk surgery and its irreversible effects. You can find out more when you browse our website or call to set up a consultation visit with Dr. Kesani.

Acupuncture Beverly Hills
Acupuncture Stem Cell Dr. Yasmin Harounian L.Ac.
Why consider acupuncture in Beverly Hills at Acupuncture Stem Cell Rejuvenation. Acupuncture combined with innovative stem cell therapy delivers superior results to other types of treatment. If you're searching for an alternative therapy or a new treatment strategy, please give our staff a call today.

Knee Pain Care Spokane
Spine Team
Speak with our doctors from Spine Team Pain Center about knee pain care in Spokane. If your knee pain has not responded well to conventional medications and treatments, it's time to look at alternative, less-invasive methods that can help you live a life free from knee pain. Learn more about our services online or call to schedule your next appointment with us.

Chiropractic Therapy Scarborough

Massage Therapy Scarborough & Toronto | Araya Health Centre
21 Progress Avenue unit 7
Toronto ON M1P 4S7 US
+1 647-680-8791
Has your medical condition responded well to conventional medications or treatment? For many of our patients at Araya Health, chiropractic therapy in Scarborough delivers better results in a shorter amount of time. If you're dealing with pain or any type of medical condition and are looking for relief, contact Araya Health. Massage Therapy Scarborough & Toronto | Araya Health Centre

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