Exercise Prescription

At Lifepath Physiotherapy, sometimes you will hear our Physiotherapists referred to as the “Movement Specialists.” This is because our team uses evidence-based knowledge of human anatomy, exercise physiology and medical rehabilitation techniques to assess your particular condition.

Our team will carefully analyze any imbalances or deficiencies in your muscles, joints or nerves, and assess your overall movement to provide you with a custom exercise program. We can then work with you to help prevent injuries by addressing your flexibility, strength, stability, balance, and coordination as they relate to any sport-specific skills you require.

We will provide you with professional advice regarding returning to work, sports, or play, and teach you ways to prevent further injuries.

Your Lifepath Physiotherapists are committed to keeping up-to-date with the latest research and applying it to your particular treatment.

By combining your Exercise Prescription plan with other services at Lifepath Wellness, we can offer a one-stop trip to help treat your injuries and get you moving again!

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