MAT™ Muscle Activation Techniques

At Lifepath Physiotherapy, we use the MAT™ Technique (Muscle Activation Techniques) as an advanced manual therapy treatment to address specific muscular imbalances.

MAT was developed by Greg Roskopf, a bio-mechanics consultant with the NFL Denver Broncos. It is a system based on the idea that muscle tightness is secondary to muscle weakness.

As such, MAT differs in principle from many other forms of treatment therapy. In contrast, typically these other techniques are principally based on trying to decrease tightness through stretching, massaging, or releasing tissues. The issue is that these techniques assume that “tightness” is the main issue.

What is MAT™ (Muscle Activation Techniques)?

Since MAT considers that muscle tightness has developed due to weakness or inhibition, MAT diagnoses that muscles lose their efficiency due to stress, injury, or overuse. As such, other muscles overwork to compensate and can become chronically strained. Over time, we can develop complex compensations and imbalances that contribute to pain.

What Does MAT™ do?

By performing a series of tests specifically designed to identify and inhibit muscles, these muscles are palpated at their attachment points to restore proper communication between the muscle affected and your nervous system. The goal of MAT is to improve the balance and efficiency of your muscle system.

By combining your Muscle Activation treatment with other services at Lifepath Wellness, we can offer a one-stop trip to help treat your injuries and get you moving again!

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